Your boutique-hotel with swimming pool one step ahead from Royal Palace in the shade of a tropical garden We welcome you in a colonial-style villa



A booth nestled in the garden, welcomes you for an hour or more selected from relaxation massage include:

Reflexology (hands, arms, shoulders, head): It is a holistic therapy that involves applying pressure on specific points of the body. Reflexology treats nervous tension, anxiety, and lack of exercise.

Traditional Massage (body massage): Based on the concept of invisible lines carrying energy along the body. The energy along these lines operates all our mental processes and emotional ...

Massage Oil (Oil hypoallergenic): It helps the mechanisms of the body and mind to produce endorphins, which are the natural attenuation of pain.

Aromatherapy (Aroma choices): Massage oil enriched with the aromas of essential oils that soothe headaches, promote sleep, decrease stress.

Massage only in the booth or around the pool (and never in the rooms!)